15 October 2009

A while ago I reported that Deb Webber, infamous exposed Psychic was popping by Alice Springs to wow audiences with her stage show, genuine psychic experience.  In that report I linked to a YouTube copy of an old Channel 7 Australia show that exposed her as either

  • Fraudulent
  • or Deluded

Strangely enough though, all copies of that video have been removed from YouTube for “Terms of Use Violation”.  Searching Channel 7 for a copy of the show “Caught on Hidden Camera”  I got a link to a story on Bad Psychics and a whole lot of links to porn sites.

So I have emailed Channel 7 to ask if a copy of the show is available, or if they could put it online.  My request below:

Channel 7 did an expose on the psychic Deb Webber on the show “Caught on Hidden Camera” around the 13th of August 2004. This video was available on YouTube, it has now been removed under terms of use violation.

Can you tell me if this video will be added to your own video site, or additionally may I request to use the content in a critique of Deb Webber? It seems a waste for such fine journalism to disappear into the ether and for future generations to fall victim to her psychic fraud.

But in further Deb Webber news it appears she has now been caught up in taking advantage of a family tragedy in New Zealand.

Stuff.co.nz reports;

A television psychic who claimed to have seen where the body of Aisling Symes was last week was not only wrong, but she should be ashamed of exploiting a family’s pain, says the head of a sceptics group.

Two-year-old Aisling was discovered last night in a drain in a property next door to where she went missing a week ago.
Police are now investigating exactly how she got into the drain and how long she had been there for.

On a Facebook page dedicated to finding Aisling, a Symes family spokesperson said they were not interested in hearing from psychics.
“Please do not suggest psychics, the family are a strong Christian family, and will not consider this under any circumstances,” they said.
“I know you are all just trying to think of anything to help but it’s not helpful for us to see that on here, sorry,” the message said.

But last Wednesday, Sensing Murder medium Deb Webber said she had details about the case during an interview on TVNZ’s Breakfast programme.

“I was walking past the television and [Aisling] popped up, and I went, ‘Oh, she’s in a ditch, hole, in West Auckland’,” she said.
“That’s what I got instantly.”

[Read More]

Edit: Actually the report from stuff is rather soft for a more indepth look click on this link to a commenter’s post

What harm can so called psychics do?  Well ask that of the father one of the victims of the Claremont Serial Killer covered here by Podblack



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